Film. Music.

In 2021 Zuhause will release Eliën's latest EP and a short film directed by Davey Bakker. The work tells a love story of a young couple on a road trip. The film depicts their thoughts, the fears they face, the dreams they believe in and the dusty romance of an outlaw life along the highway. This project is supported by Station Noord and the city of Groningen. Check our agenda for upcoming tour dates. 

 Naar het Blauw 



In 2019 Zuhause travelled through Europe in a yellow campervan. Davey Bakker converted this van into a tiny recording studio on wheels. Starting in the Netherlands they headed south to the Peloponnesos Island in Greece and eventually drove all the way up north to the Arctic circle. They met visionaries, artists, farmers, activists, immigrants and ancient tribes.

After three months, the collective came back with the first pop-album of Élénie Wagner (Eliën). The album tells the story of people living in Europe; each song written in a different country. Dreamy synths, dark grooves, poetic lyrics and visual elements  characterize Eliën's work. For the official release in January 2020 Eliën was accompanied by video artists, light designers and the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

With Eliën, Zuhause brings an uncensored homage for the aliens of our society.




In ‘Don’t Forget To Die’, Zuhause shows a dystopia where time goes by. A raw, dance performance about intense happiness and a damaged environment, enforcing love and the necessity to mean something in a purposeless existence.

What if you know you will die, but you forgot to pass away? Don’t Forget To Die was the first performance in their two-year research: “Survival of the misfit” 

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Don't Forget to Die



From 2017 till 2019 Zuhause ran its own artist house in the middle of the city. We transformed 300 square meters into workshops, studios and ‘artist in residence’ spaces. We offered a place for talented, freelance artists from different disciplines. In addition, we organized legendary jam sessions called ‘Zur Hölle’. 

Artist House



Zuhause 2.0 is an interdisciplinary performance with music, visuals and real stories about losing your home, the journey towards finding a new one and why we always have to tell where we came from but never where we’re going. What does home mean if you just lost it?

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Zuhause 2.0


Movement. Music.

“de lamest afterparty ooit’ is a futuristic amplification of the future of the city. We become part of the last cultural afterparty the city will ever offer. In fifteen minutes, the bulldozer will come to make space for a new shopping centre. The party has come to an end, the culture is finished, and the heart of the city will stop beating after tonight. The city dies and we can attend the after. 

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de lamest afterparty ooit



In 2018, together with eighteen youngsters, Zuhause started an artistic riot. In one week the collective created a performance about resistance, courage and the power of community. This piece premiered during Festival Theater na de Dam and was co-produced by De Noorderlingen, Theater de Steeg, Vrijdag and NNT's youth platform 2. 

The Revolution Will Be Televised