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Zuhause is the creative platform and home of Davey Bakker and Élénie Wagner.

In 2016, the two met as performers at Club Guy & Roni/ NNT in Groningen. Only one year later, Zuhause opened their own creative artist house in the middle of the city. A Villa Villekula- like house that offered space to fellow creatives from the most diverse disciplines. Sinds 2017 Zuhause entered into (international) collaborations with, among others, NNO, Guy & Roni, Noorderlingen, Het Houten Huis, Academie Minerva, Explore the North, De Nieuwe Oost, Dans Brabant, Grand Theatre, MACAZ Bucharest (RO) Künstlerhaus Frise Hamburg (D), Daiddadalu, Kautokeino (NOR) and several freelance artists from all over the world.

From our 'home', we developed several multidisciplinary performances; Through a unique mix of dance, film, poetry and pop music, Zuhause tells stories about the struggle of our generation: To combat loneliness, create recognition and make connections. On the bumpy road towards adulthood we ask ourselves the question: Is our existence still justified? Fascinated by our impact on earth, Zuhause creates productions in which different art disciplines are intertwined.


In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic we gave up our beautiful artist house, moved to another city and started working more digitally. But Zuhause needs a new physical home for us and all of the free and wild artists among us. So stay tuned on our next big adventure. Because home might be where the heart is, but Zuhause is where the art is.

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